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An orthotic scanning app is a mobile application that uses advanced technology to capture accurate measurements and data of a person's foot, ankle, or other body part in order to create custom orthotic devices.


SimpleScan is a foot scanning app that facilitates the orthotic manufacturing process. Medical practitioners now have a mobilized method to create 3D scans of their patient’s feet, reducing casting time, clean up time, and supply expenses.

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An easy-to-use scanning app that works your iPhone or your iPad Pro to achieve a high-quality scan of the foot in a more efficient way without the high costs of expensive scanning solutions.



Step:1. Go To The Apple App Store And Search And Download 3DSizeME

Step2. Once Downloaded Open The App And On The Top Right Hand Corner Click The 3 Bar Icon and Click Settings

Step 3. Once Settings Is Open, Under Bundle ID The SimpleScan And Exit

Step 4. You Are Ready To Start Scanning And Use The App​ 


DownLoading Steps:

1. Go To the Apple App Store and Search and Download WikyScan

2.Call office for account Login

3.Enter account info and begin scanning


You will need only a minimum of five seconds to get a precise 3D scan of the plantar foot.


TrueDepth technology is used to unlock your iphone with Face ID. It has a high precision of 0.5mm between 0.1 and 1 meter of distance.


Feet, STS socks, or foam impressions

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